Take me with you

Perfect for people on the GO!

Take your Vitamin G with you wherever you go with these convenient 100ml powder funnels. Simply fill them up at home and use them whenever you are ready.

After workouts, with lunch, before dinner. 

With a screwable top and bottom, it makes it easy to fill up and pour.

It's super simple to travel with, the included carabiner clip keeps it safe and easily accessible

Dishwasher Safe.

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Vitamin G Nutraceuticals

Keychain Funnels

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How do I use it

Simply unscrew the bottom, fill me up with my blends for the day, tighten me up and get ready to tackle the day.  Whenever you’re ready just open me up and add me to your water.

Perfect for travelling, fasting, people on the move or even those of us who forget to pack or take our supplements.