• Banish Bloating

    How to get rid of constipation, bloating and IBS forever

    in as little as 6 weeks


    📅 Feburary 28th, 2024 | 6:30pm SAST


    Unlock the Path to a Symptom-Free Life

Have you been told that your IBS is due to stress and you need to work on stress management?

Has your doctor told you that IBS is something you are going to need to learn to live with?

Have you been advised to go on a unsustainable diet like Low FODMAP to manage your IBS? 

None of these are real solutions, but let us show you what is!

  • You will learn

    • What caused your todevelop IBS in the first place
    • Why your list of food sensitivities is growing
    • The top 5 aspects that are driving your IBS and preventing you fromhealing
    • Why removing gluten and dairy is NOT the answer to healing
    • How your IBS is the cause of other serious symptoms you likely have, but are ignoring
    • How to use food to heal your digestive system
    • Ancient strategies that heal your gut from day 1
    • Discover the specific supplements that can aid in healing your gut, not just for a moment, but for good
    • Real life strategies and actionable advice that fits into your lifestyle
    • A step by step roadmap on what to do to heal from IBS in as little as 6 weeks

Hi, my name is Stephanie, Co-Founder of Vitamin G Nutraceuticals and Owner of Unlimited You Coaching

After years of struggling, it was a shift in mindset that finally unlocked the secret to my weight loss success. This mindset shift and the revolutionary strategies that came with it, not only changed how I looked and felt, but changed the entire course of my life.

Now, I want to share these simple, effective and life-giving strategies with you.

Meet your host

Stephanie Grosvenor

Holistic Nutritionist & Functional Medicine Health Coach

Stephanie is a Co-founder of Vitamin G Nutraceuticals & vice chairman of the Functional Medicine Health Coaching Association of South Africa.
She specializes in working with high performing professionals globally to help them manage stress & anxiety, lose weight & increase their energy so they can take their health, business, finances, & impact to the next level!